Ard Throws It Down on Home Turf

Quite apparently I’ve not been doing anything on my website lately. When I do feel like addressing cyberspace I tend to just spit out a blurb on Facebook or Twitter. Anywho…

Since the fateful disappearance of our cat Buzz, years back, our cats have a curfew. No more all-night partying. Telum has mostly grown out of this, being rather of a home body in his advancing years, but Ard still has that youthful keenness for prowling the ‘hood in the wee morning hours. Last night he dodged the curfew call and only dragged his furry frame inside this morning when I got up. I noticed a few tufts of loose fur sticking out so I figured he must have been throwin’ it down with the local boys.

When I was heading out later in the morning I spotted what I thought were bird feathers scattered on the lawn at the edge of the driveway. When I looked closer I saw that there weren’t feathers laying about, but clumps of fur. Lots of it. Enough to make another cat. Some of it was black and white (Ard is black and white) and some was differently coloured (blonde highlights?) So methinks Ard was defending his home turf against some invader feline. Judging by the fact Ard is pulling his standard swagger today I’d say he came out top cat. Oh ya, bring it!

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