Encrypting File System Toasts My Oats

A bunch of years back I’d discovered that with Windows XP I could set ‘Encrypt’ and ‘Compress’ attributes for files. I thought this was cool since by compressing old video footage I could shrink down the space it needed. And I used the  ‘Encrypt’ attribute on my writings folder. It really wasn’t necessary ’cause who was really going to poke around in my writings, but I guess I thought it was cool.

Well, last Sunday I got some weird problem that caused most programs to freeze up when trying to access the Internet  (Firefox, Outlook Express, MSN, Filezilla, etc). I puzzled away for some time and then finally repartitioned the partition with Windows XP Pro and reinstalled it. All my data is on a second hard drive so I wasn’t worried about that. Soon I had  a squeaky clean system again, running nice and fast. I installed my programs and I was off and running on Monday evening. I thought I’d work on one of my stories while I was waiting for something to download. By Wordpad said that it couldn

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