Fall Family Conference

The second annual Family Fall Conference kicked off this past Friday evening. I was there, the lone representative of the Sissons family. My ride-bumming skills fell short so after an oil change and quick checkup the CRV was available for the ~1.9 hour trek.

Like last year, the event was held at the Upper Canada Camp in Palgrave. They’d done a major renovation in the main lodge and also constructed several new cabins. (Though “cabin” might be too humble of a word.) The one I bunked in was quite nice. Of course I took a top bunk; I always do. It is more exciting since I always sleep on the bottom bunk at home (only because I don’t have a top bunk).

Anyway, the crowds grew think Saturday morning for the seminar on the unchanging God in a changing world. A good message – it made me think again about how God’s eternality, His filling all time, relates to His other incommunicable attributes.

The afternoon was spent with organized games. I traded teams with Ami B…… (I’m not going attempt the spelling) so that she could hang out with Abby. The sports were pretty good although baseball got a little nasty with cold, blowing drizzle for a while my team was outfield. Brrr! And we played basketball, which I know almost nothing about. I did run around a fair bit and jumped sometimes but I don’t think I contributed beyond that. It was good to see some other YP there and I enjoyed a game of Dutch Blitz with a bunch of them before dinner.

The drive home didn’t find me as sleepy as I’d expected. I had 100.3 cranked for a while and also stopped in at Timmy’s for a large English Toffee. I got home at a very decent hour too.

Good times.

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