First Coffee in a Week

It is no secret; I drink a lot of coffee. However, it wasn’t until a week ago Sunday evening that I realized that I might be drinking too much (I’d never really thought that was possible). It wouldn’t be rare for me to have five mugs a day of the java juice. “Self,” I said to myself, “let’s see if you can lay off the coffee for one whole week. Hey, maybe you’ll feel more rested and healthy.” So on Monday I didn’t have even a drop of coffee. Same deal on Tuesday and all the way through till last night. When I wanted a hot drink I had hot chocolate or tea (the latter is a very sorry substitute for the True Brew). Most days of the week I had a mild headache at some point but I made it through. I didn’t sleep any better (worse, if anything) and didn’t feel even a little more healthy.

This morning I dumped out the old coffee loitering in the pot and brewed up a steaming new batch. I just finished my first coffee in a week, and boy was it good! I’ve proved I can easily quit and now I’m back on the Bean.

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