Unprepared for Feeling Unwell

I generally feel quite well. When I get up in the morning, nothing hurts. Aside from the occasional cold / sore throat / scrape / bruise, I don’t typically have physical discomfort. It’s easy to take this for granted but I try to be thankful.

Very likely at the end of my life I’ll have a protracted season of feeling progressively unwell. Assuming I live until I’m old, I can expect various systems to break down and aches and pains to flare up. I won’t have the same strength and flexibility. Perhaps I’ll no longer be able to eat pretty much whatever I wish without apparent consequence.

And, of course, I may well not have to wait until I’m old. Injury or illness could afflict me at any time and potentially linger indefinitely.

A sizable chunk of Earth’s population is right now experiencing the suffering brought on by aging, illness, and/or injury. They live their lives in the midst of that.

I don’t feel ready to deal with such suffering. My “unwell muscle” has hardly been exercised. I’m not used to relying on physical help and having the conscious need for God’s strength to endure. When I do get a little sick I feel very debilitated even though I know it’s minor and something I should be able to work through. If a joint hurts, I tend to focus on that pain with frustration. How am I going to handle the season of suffering expected in my future?

While I don’t wish anyone to be unwell, that experience has helped many become reliant on God, tougher, and persevering. It’s challenging to ask God to prepare me since I believe the only way to grow in this area is to practice suffering – something about which I’m not excited. For now I’m thankful for feeling well and I hope to use the opportunities I have to grow in reliance and grit.