Why Couldn’t They Be 60 MILE/hr Zones?

My CRX si likes to go fast. She enjoys being in 3rd gear at 4100 RPM. And, I must admit, I am often more than happy to oblige her. However, most of my trips are just short runs into Newcastle and back home. And the most direct route is utterly devoid of 80 km/h zones, aside from a couple hundred meters of asphalt just before my driveway. How annoying! I take off from a stop sign and just as the turbo is beginning to whir and the engine starts straining at the reigns, the speedo has already leapt to 65 and I’ve gotta ease my right foot off the skinny pedal. If only the 35/115 swung east towards Newcastle instead of west… Oh, that and a posted limit of 100 km/h rather than this 90 silliness. And maybe a shorter merge lane at the end of my road…? Good excuse to get on it then.

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