Brockville Conference

I just returned from a weekend young people conference hosted by the Brockville URC. It was really good – I’m glad I went. At around three hours driving distance it was a bit of a hike but worth it. The speaker, Rev. Jeremy Veldman, gave three messages on “Running the Race” and really developed the image Paul gave of the Christian life as a race or a boxing match.

On Saturday we hiked through the woods and scrambled over tumbled rocks to reach the rocky summit which provided a beautiful view of a massive area of woods and lakes. The rest of the afternoon we spent relaxing on the property of one of the congregation’s families (at least I relaxed – some of the guys beat themselves up playing football). The weather was totally harmonic with the weekend.

Fun times, but it is good to be back (I left at about 4:30 on Friday and returned somewhere around there today). I missed my music… I bought “Safe Haven” just the other day from iTunes and I intend to listen to that once I’ve finished this news.

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