RCS Problems

Our rodent control solution was free originally, but does demand ongoing maintenance costs. At one point we had to get it fixed. At a little over 5 kg it is easy enough to pickup (though you must mind the sharp edges!) And the packaging is quite stylish. While I’ll quickly attest to its impressive performance in eliminating those scurrying, beady-eyed pests from our yard, I do have a beef with its disposal system. First off the rodent control solution always leaves at least part of the deactivated target behind (often some green component). This is needless since the control solution has a built-in rodent intake system leading to a storage sack where the rodent is recycled (yes, our solution is very enviro-friendly). Another annoyance is the fact that it tends to leave the remnants in high-traffic areas, such as on our back steps. I would much prefer that it would process the pest out in the yard where it was apprehended.

Ah, well, there isn’t much I can do. The solution does have some basic learning capabilities but human instruction is largely ignored. Besides, I do admire it at work, creeping through the grass, rear stabilizer motionless, until it pounces upon some hapless creature. Overall a very well designed device, from its sleek black body, swiveling audio sensors, and whisker detection array. So I guess I’ll just let our rodent control solution do its thing and put up with the occasional mess.

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