Caffine is Your Friend

Question for you – which is larger? $1,133.55 or $1,224.23? This had me going up the wall for a while the other day, ’cause I was sure the smaller one was larger. Right now I feel like Neo when he finally saw the world as Matrix code, except I don’t understand it. Ya, I’ve been putting in some early mornings and late nights on this website project. I think I’ve drank more coffee in the last week than I have in the last 3 months. Anyway, I determined that I’d complete all the major items on the site and upload them before I hit the sack tonight. And I did! I think I’ll sleep in tomorrow morning…

Other stuff:

  • I picked up “The Healing of Harms” by Fireflight a week or two back. Awesome CD – get yourself a copy or borrow mine.
  • The YP hosted a church baseball game last Friday evening. There was a good turnout, hardly anyone got hurt, and we even raised some funds. Thanks heaps to those who came out and to those who worked to make the event happen.
  • Last Saturday some of the YP (including yours truly) went up to help the Hope Centre again (see the last time we went). It went well and on Tuesday Brian reported 70 kids had attended that day!
  • We’re looking after the Overgaauw’s dog until Monday (since yesterday). He is perky and interested in the cats. The cats are also interested in him. Not a whole lot of love in the equation, I don’t think. We don’t know the dog’s name so I call him “Cypher”.

‘Night. I’m going to bed.

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