Variety Pac

There hasn’t been any one big news item lately but I suppose there are a few little things I could compile into one entry. So, in rough chronological order:

I was at BlockBuster on July 14th and saw Chaos Theory in the bargain bin. I thought it would probably be worth $9.98 and so I picked it up. I beat it yesterday. Pretty cool. You’ve got a decent amount of gadgets and the game rewards maximizing your gear to slip unnoticed behind the backs of guards. Stealth is the name of the game. The rough language is unfortunate though.

We’ve been caring for the Vogel’s toy poodle, Sadie, for a little while now. She is an easy dog to look after. For the most part she is calm and quiet and makes very little fuss. She and the cats keep a bit of distance but don’t seem very concerned with the arrangement. Sadie definitely likes Dad in particular.

Last Saturday I bought BarlowGirl‘s latest CD. It is good stuff but didn’t click with me the same as Another Journal Entry. But now I’m getting into it more. I’m finding that some of the tracks are playing, unbidden, in my head during the day. In a good way.

Pete and I have been working on our Project lately and he’s been talking lots about LEGO. The other day we played with LEGO Digital Designer. It’s making me feel like pulling out all our old pirate sets and having a good old-fashioned battle on the high seas. Arrrg! Really though, Digital Designer is pretty cool. There is room for improvement (more bricks, please!) but it is a fun start. Plus you can order the sets you build – megasweet!

I’d started a short story back around the beginning of the year but kinda fell out of it. I did a bit more when I was out in BC in the spring. Then again recently I’ve gotten into it and find myself looking forward to typing more when I get home from work. There is still a decent amount left though. And no promises that it’ll ever make it up on this site.

Sister is coming home tomorrow night. That’s a good thing!

It is really hot and sticky tonight. Yes, even I am sweating. How barbaric! I needed something really cold, wet, and refreshing. I found some cucumber salad in the fridge – just the thing. That stuff sure goes down good on a day like this.

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