Camping Coffee

This follows the same vein as “The Smoke, It Doth Get in Mine Eyes”. It is also inspired by real life camping experience. I’m thinking particularily of my Algonquin canoe trip with Jason and Pete (both non coffee drinkers). I’d taken lots of instant coffee along and lots of sugar but somehow the stuff ended up tasting powerful gross… The last couple years of the 30-Mile Hike Dad’s brought store-bought coffee along when he visited in the morning. Man, does that go down well!

Camping Coffee
By Chris M. Sissons

This camping coffee that I drink
is darker than the blackest ink.
I find it helps my mind to think,
or maybe just wake up…

I wish that I could say it’s good
but it tastes like rotting wood.
I haven’t quite yet understood
just why it’s in my cup

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