Here’s to You Girls

In today’s society of the fashion of less I respect the girls who fight the flow and wear modest attire. This poem is for them.

By Chris M. Sissons

Here’s to the girls who walk for miles
Through rows and rows of clothing aisles
Whose eyes pick out the modest styles.

They don’t dress by what’s called “in”.
But firmly stand amidst the din
Of billboards advertising skin.

Here’s to the girl who turns up nose
At spray-on pants and shrink-wrap clothes.
“I’ll never squeeze in one of those!”

With thoughtfulness they realize
Showy dressing tempts the eyes
And won’t attract the best of guys.

Here’s to the girls, who if in doubt,
Ask for their dads’ reviews about
Their new outfit when stepping out.

Attire of grace and modesty
Displays a beauty all can see.
Here’s to you girls, with praise from me.

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