Dental Delights

I got my first ever tooth filling today. Due to my cheap nature and lack of dental pain I’d stretched it pretty long since my last checkup. Like a decade or so. But over the last year I’d begun to experience infrequent twinges. Something evil was stirring back in molarville. It was time to face the ugly truth. I gathered up my credit card and headed for the dentist.

A checkup revealed an excellent set of choppers, aside from one large cavity, another little patch of decay, and plaque. Only the big cavity needed filling and I got that done this morning. It wasn’t nearly as excruciating as I’d expected. I wouldn’t even call it painful. At least during the procedure.

The freezing had completely worn off when I was at the office this afternoon. I was computing away nicely and out of the blue a wild shock of pain shot through my newly refurbished molar. Then over the next couple hours I receive various random jolts of attention-getting anguish. I discovered that this was actually to be expected. I’m not sure if that helped or not…

Anyway, things seemed to have settled down back there now so that’s cool. And you know what? In the long run I saved lots of money by waiting this long to get my teeth looked at. Even with the filling I probably saved over $500. He, he!

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