What I Want in a Smartphone

In the last month or so I’ve found myself becoming increasingly interested in getting a smartphone. At the real estate office I’ve had the opportunity to work with Palm Treos quite a bit over the years and, more recently, a variety of Blackberries too. There is nothing like unwrapping a fresh Blackberry to make one ponder what features would be nice to have in one’s own smartphone. What I am looking for is a device that can:

  • Keep me connected wherever I go through voice calls, text messaging, and email (for my convenience, not so I’m always available to be pestered)
  • Act as a portable calendar and address book
  • Be used like a light PC (e.g. web browsing, media player, document editor, third-party application)

Ideally I’d like a HTC Touch Pro, but running Android instead of Windows Mobile. It is nice to dream. Seriously though, I would want:

  • QWERTY hard-keyboard
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth

Anyway, we’ll see what happens. I’ll be continuing my research and sometime down the road maybe I’ll get that perfect smartphone to be a faithful digital companion at my side.

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