Dollar for a Drink Challenge

I’m currently enjoying my first coffee in a week. This is for a different reason then my previous “coffee break”. Our church’s young people group is studying Do Hard Things and after the last lesson Kate challenged us to drink only water (for beverage – we could still eat!) for a week. Then for the times we would have had something other than water we could give towards Dollar for a Drink, an organization that builds wells in Sudan where there is a great need for clean water. Here in Canada there is loads of water everywhere – we never have to worry about that. Any here in our house there is lots to drink – coffee, milk, juice, hot chocolate, even tea. So this challenge was a good reminder to be thankful for what I have.

What was it like only drinking water for a week? Not too bad. I mostly drink coffee and water so I only missed coffee. I had a mild headache for a fair bit of the first few days but it eventually faded. I found that I grew very sleepy in the afternoon so I wonder if caffeine really does help me stay more energetic during the afternoon. Hmm.

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