Lest We Forget

This morning I attended the Remembrance Day service in Newcastle. I heard there has been a greater turn-out this year in the GTA, perhaps due to grim reminders we’ve been receiving all too often of the death of another soldier in Afghanistan. So our memories turn to recent events in addition to those from many years back.

I’m thankful for the freedom we have in this land of Canada, and for the sacrifices that have protected that liberty. And I’m proud that we have been able to use our freedom here to send our military forces to other countries to fight for the restoration or preservation of freedom for those peoples.

Returning to this morning’s service, I was surprised at the amount of Scripture readings and Christian content. I think one has to be careful of using Bible passages and hymns dealing with triumph over enemies in a military setting, but, that said, it was good to see that secular humanism hasn’t completely taken over. The Reverend also explained the sequence of playing The Last Post, the period of silence, and the playing of Reveille. Basically it represents the end of the Christian soldier’s work, his death, and his awakening in the life to come.

Near the end of the service the veterans were called to stand at the front. As I watched elderly men line up, some of them moving with difficulty but yet military poise, I considered what most of them had witnessed and experienced before they were my age. I’m sure they can never forget the horrors they saw and endured first-hand. May we not forget their sacrifice nor the costly liberty they purchased.

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