Finally: Broadband Internet Access!! w00t!

We finally have broadband Internet access!!

For years we’ve been hoping Bell would provide DSL along our road but we’d pretty much given up hope on that. Then near the beginning of 2008 a company put underground cabling down our road, under contract to Rogers. Of course the font-line Rogers salespeople knew nothing about it. I got in touch with someone more on the planning side and he gave an estimated activation date in late fall. However, further review this fall provided a dismal outlook on this option.

Then the other day I was browsing and saw they had a tower just north of our place, on a silo we can see from our back steps! So I called them up, and before noon today we were connected!

The system uses 2.4GHz radio waves to communicate with our antenna. reported a download speed of 1,988 kbps and an upload speed of 776 kbps. There is no monthly bandwidth cap so that is cool.

It is weird always being connected. The phone rang while I was surfing. I’m always thinking that I should be either using the Internet connection or otherwise disconnecting. The first “broadband” type thing I did was stream Movin’ by Group 1 Crew from their website. I think some of the lyrics say it well:

If you really wanna move you got to get movin

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