Telum Takes a Lickin’ and Keeps on Tickin’

Back on October 9 the eldest feline in the household, Telum, dragged himself inside after sundown looking rather beat up, introspective, and a tad sheepish. The fur under his neck was tore up, he had some puncture on the top of his head, and his ear had blood splatters in it. He leaked a bit on the kitchen linoleum. All in all it looked like he’d been through the ringer in a bad way.

Over the next few days we determined that he didn’t seem to be injured anyway else and could still get around OK. However, he had definitely been chewed up some around his neck and head. The thick fur made it hard to see the injuries themselves but Dad figured by the placement that perhaps he’d been bit by a bigger animal, thus an injury on the top of his head and some underneath. It is hard to say. Telum had pain if he opened his mouth much or chewed hard so we gave him “cereal” — soggy kibble. He laid around most of the day (more than usually, that is) and seemed to be contemplating his own mortality.

Eventually the right side of his face swelled up making him look rather silly. Then the swelling diminished only to be replaced by a smaller, but harder, abscess. Mom and I soaked it with a hot, wet towel. The ministrations appeared to work as the next day the abscess drained. That marked a turning point with the dear beast. He started moving around more and “speaking” and generally being his old self. Whew!

Not long after the fur finally gave up trying and fell out from around the injured area, revealing a couple holes and rips. Very ugly! Thankfully it hasn’t got infected and has been scabbing up (despite Telum “itching” the scab off a few times). So almost two weeks after the incident Telum is basically back to his normal energy level. I’m sure it will take a bit for the injuries to fully heal and the fur to grow in but he should be good as new in time.

Tsk, tsk, Telum! You’re getting too old to just charge into battle. You’ve got to remember that old age and treachery beat out youth and vigour every time. Change the rules, pull a fast one, or better yet, send Ard. Ard's head

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