First Time Boarding This Winter

Last night I finally got some snowboarding time in. I heard that some of the gang heads to Kirby most Tuesday evenings so I thought I’d tag along. Snow conditions weren’t awesome but decent, and the weather really wasn’t very cold.

During the first run of the season I always wonder how quickly I’ll find my “boarding” legs. But it comes back fast. The body just knows what to do — like riding a bike I guess.

rePete, Matt, Tim, and I spent most of the time in the terrain park, with a few runs down the Bowl and Ben’s Bumps at the very end. The park had some nice jumps — two of them almost rollers if you go slowly, but with extra kickers at the top in the center. After a couple eyeballing runs through the park and popping over the low jumps I figured I’d give one of the big guys a shot. It threw me a lot higher than I expected but the speed was right and I caught the landing smooth as butter. I landed it smoothly a few more times thereafter. Not too shabby for the first time this season.

I never fell hard once, though I scraped out a couple times. Today I don’t feel sore anywhere so that’s cool. Maybe it just means I didn’t push myself hard enough…

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