Introducing “Nexus”, my HTC Touch Pro phone

It seems to good to be true, quite honestly.

As of last Thursday evening I’m the joyful owner of a new HTC Touch Pro phone. As per my post back in June on what I want in a smartphone, I’d been keeping my eye on the Touch Pro and its eventual arrival in our fair land of Canada. Late 2008 it came to Bell and Telus so I researched their plans. Then I was surprised at Christmas to receive a generous gift from Mom and Dad toward such a plan. So after a bunch more questions and a couple visits to Telus, I rode home with “Nexus”, my new digital friend.

The device features a 2.8 inch 640×480 touchscreen. The clarity and resolution are beautiful and it responds to finger tapping and dragging better than I expected. It also has a 5 row slide-out qwerty keyboard, which was a huge selling feature. It is running Windows Mobile 6.1 on a 528 MHz process, with 512 MB ROM and 288 MB RAM. While I’ve not bought one yet, it does support MicroSD cards for additional storage. You can see some excellent review videos here: HTC Touch Pro Features and Software and HTC Touch Pro Hardware and further specs from HTC here.

Regarding my plan, I’ve got 200 local minutes and 500 MB data per month. But as I’m usually either at home or at the office I can use the built-in WiFi for most of my data needs. Opera mobile does a nice job for web surfing but neither it nor Internet Explorer can render flash. The separate YouTube application is OK for videos on that specific website but I found another program called Skyfire that can render any webpage true-to-life and dump it to the mobile device, including audio.

Anyway, just wanted to share that good, good news. Gotta run!

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