How Broadband Changed My Life

We’ve had broadband Internet access for almost a month now. It rocks! My only complaint is that there have been occasional spots of downtime (usually not more than a few minutes) and I can’t get to our router from the “cloud” via an IP address (our “modem” is a point inside Silonet’s network). But for all the benefits I’m not going to gripe about it.

Some things that have changed due to broadband access:

  • I used to tape TV shows and then watch them later. Between competition for the TV, setting it up to properly tape, and our abysmal reception, it was a pain. Now I can watch most of the few shows I follow online at CTV’s website or Global’s website.
  • I rarely listen to my CDs (on my computer) anymore. Between streaming radio (Radio Y’s The Rock is my favourite) and sample songs on artist’s websites, there are loads of tunes available (legit, too!)
  • Multiplayer gaming is sweet! Way back in the day I used to play Descent 2 and StarCraft (demo) online but as broadband gained a majority no one wanted to have a dial-up user slowing the game down. I’ve tried Team Fortress Classic and Far Cry and have particularily enjoyed Team Fortress. I can see why it is so popular! BTW, my Steam username is “kryptech”.
  • I’m using Facebook a lot more now. It was painful on dial-up but rolls along all smooth-like on broadband.

I’m so glad we have broadband!

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