Techies and Games — A Recipe for Success

After breakfast I enjoy my coffee while reading the latest news. Not the paper, mind you. I’m talking RSS feeds in Firefox. I subscribe to PC World Latest Technology News, Engadget, and New Scientist – Online News. I was reading an article on PC World titled Techies and Games — A Recipe for Success by Tom Kaneshige, InfoWorld. I’ll post a couple paragraphs from near the end:

In “Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword,” a player spends days, weeks, or maybe months shaping a civilization from the beginning of time to the modern era. The goal is to emerge as the leader, and there’s not just one solution or path to success. “It’s the ultimate problem-solving experience,” [editorial director of GamePro, George] Jones says, “and epitomizes the mind frame of the tech worker.”

Of course, many tech workers don’t have weeks or even hours to solve a problem. That’s where “StarCraft” comes in. In this game, you’re a military leader of an alien species. The game calls for quick thinking and some serious team management during short missions.

“StarCraft” perhaps best mirrors the challenges and successes of life in IT. “‘StarCraft’ is firefighting,” says Jones. “Things are crumbling, and you have to figure out how to fix it in 25 minutes. It’s the nature of IT work.” (FYI, ” StarCraft II” is planned for release next year.)

True dat!

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