Our Cat Telum

By Chris M. Sissons

We have a cat called Telum.
An average cat he’s not.
His name’s Latin for missile;
it suited him we thought.

Sometimes he is a wild thing,
and races to and fro.
One odd look is all it takes,
but why we do not know!

Often, though, he lays still,
regaining energy.
Dreams of mice and dogs go on
while he naps lazily.

Telum has neat properties.
He’s resistant to impact;
Conforms to any surface.
Unusual, but fact.

Of course cats are nocturnal,
and like to play at night.
As we humans catch some Zs
Telum finds plants to bite.

Yes indeed it’s hard to stop
his incessant gnawing.
Fingers, paper, and much more;
just as bad as clawing!

Concerning food, he’s picky.
Fresh kibble just won’t do
unless he sees as it’s served
and knows that it is new.

But we think that Telum’s quirks
make for a cool cat.
He is part of our family,
and I am glad of that!

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