I’ve been inspired a few times to write a poem showing the fighting race of the Christian walk. This poem didn’t really fulfill that inspiration completely but it does give a bit of an idea of our struggle.

By Chris M. Sissons

It’s not an easy thing to be
a traveller on the side that’s free
and run our race in this dark world.

So many snares and traps about,
they are designed to take us out
of the straight way to other paths.

The foes we war against are three:
the devil, the world, the flesh they be.
Our old nature still speaks loudly.

It seems we push against the flow;
those on the dark side try to tow
us with them down the road they take.

And yes, so often we do fall
by listening to temptation’s call
to do, or say, or think what’s wrong.

How can we win against such force?
On our own we’d loose of course.
But our leader is One Who won.

Our Saviour walked this earth below.
He faced the trials through which we go,
Though He never yielded to sin.

The God Who laid the course we tread
will be with us as He has said,
and lead us to the finish line.

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