Out and About

August has been good.

First we had our annual week at the cottage with the Vogel clan. It was probably the most relaxed year for me. I didn’t get much accomplished there but that wasn’t my intention. I had thought I might be inspired to write another poem while I was there (I was the last two years) but not so. However, I did get a little more done on my one short story. It was great that most of the family could make it for at least some of the time. We welcomed the newcomers Steve and Chad, though in Steve’s case “welcome” took on a new meaning.

I got less than a week to jump back into work before heading out to Cornwall for Mel and Chad’s wedding. I wish it hadn’t been that soon after the cottage as I had lots to do but hey, the wedding had to be sometime. The Brinks kindly opened their home to Pete, Ben, and I and we welcomed the opportunity to hang with Jason, Shannon, Ryan, Kev, and the gang. Actually, the house was remarkably quiet on Friday morning before the wedding. The whole program ran quite smoothly. On Saturday we got to spend some time with Jason before he left and then with Ryan after work (we re-watched the Bourne Ultimatum). We topped everything off with some cliff jumping on Sunday afternoon.

A thought:
It would be awesome to include “Mood Rings” and “Must Have Done Something Right” from Relient K in a wedding reception playlist.

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