Shout Out

This is actually a rap and not really completed yet. But here’s what I’ve got so far.

By Chris M. Sissons

Sit down, turn up the T.V, whatcha see?
A grim view of the state of this country?
Morality isn’t easy to see, or spot
in a sitcom that’s like 90 percent rot.
And who thought we’d be getting taught
to get used to people getting shot.
It’s a quick way to sear
your conscience to what you see and hear.
Swearing, lust, and lies desensitize
They no longer come as a surprise.
And ads – they don’t get off the hook.
They employ any method just to make you look.
How about the epitomy of objectivity,
the news, what are their views?
Reporters sure can put a nice spin
on the corruption we’re sinking in.
No it’s not sin, choice is the name.
Choose what you want without any shame.
Today truth is relative,
or should I say irrelevant.
Like the end of Judges we testify
“every man did that which was right in his own eyes.”
We’ve left behind the freedom
we’ve enjoyed for so long
so we’d have the rights
to do what’s truely wrong.
We keep calling evil right,
using euphamisms to hide the black of night.
Political correction
of any orientation
of the constitution
well here’s a revelation
I think it’s all polution!
I make a motion
we light up a commotion!

Shout out the truth throughout the land!
Com’on my people, time to take a stand!
‘Cause we can’t complain about the mess we’re in
if we just sit back and watch corruption win.

It’s often the militant few
pushing corrupt decisions through,
but isn’t the church below
supposed to be militant too?
It seems to me that apathy
more aptly describes how we
react to the attack on the foundation
that sits at the base of this nation.
I’m sensing hesitation
to make vibration
and rock this society’s boat
but we gotta to keep it afloat.
Ya, it’s not comfortable – it’s work.
Ya, it’s our duty and not something to shirk.
No time to snooze, we got to use
the avenues to share our views
before those avenues close, and let’s pray
that God will open our minds to what to say.
And that He’ll open leaders’ eyes to the way
our demise is drawing closer every day.
Let’s not go without a fight,
time to shed some salt and light.
It starts with you and me too.
Ready to stand up for what’s true?
Live the Word – let it shine through
and be amazed at what our God can do.


It’s our job to shout out
and let ’em hear it
then leave the change of heart up to
the Holy Spirit.

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