Stable Diffusion Generation: Cliffside Castle

I love rugged terrain so I thought I’d try generating a castle built into a towering mountain, going for an angle looking down from high elevation. I figured Stable Diffusion would struggle with the concept of both the castle and the mountain and the angle so I started with generating a number of images of looking down from a high mountain. I selected this picture:

Initial generation of landscape

I opened the image in GIMP and drew in some crude designs for castle battlements that could follow the shape of the mountain:

Edit in colour for castle

I ran a number of inpainting generations. I found that it helped to use “snow” in the negative prompt to discourage the light colour becoming snow. I settled on this variation and increased the contrast some:

Castle generated

This was good enough for the low-resolution version so I upscaled at this point. That way I could work on inpainting specific areas to clean up or add more detail:


I did a bunch of inpainting for the castle, in sections, with some editing with the GIMP in between inpaints to clean up and guide the direction better. I also inpainted the separate mountain to make it a little more striking. Here’s the end result:

Inpaint castle and separate mountain

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