Summer Catch-up

It’s pretty much been forever since I’ve updated anything here. In terms of photos, I have been doing some work on a new photo viewer as I dislike the user-unfriendly interface in place now. However, the new viewer is early in development and won’t be live for a while. I kinda wanted to wait until that was finished before uploading more photos but…

What else has been going on? I’ve been using Facebook a lot this year, which my Touch Pro helps with too. Over breakfast I usually check out my top websites, including Facebook, on Opera Mobile. Facebook is also a great tool for group communication (YP, cousins). Now that Facebook offers a direct URL to a user’s page, you can find me at

I’m continuing to tinker with my Touch Pro, installing software (to add functionality or fun) and making other tweaks (I’ve learned a little about modifying the HTC TouchFlo3D interface). I also have begun some simple application development using FBA The Creator, a free PocketPC development tool. I don’t have any finished apps yet – just playing around with ideas. So much fun programming… Anyway, with PocketPCs being a big hobby for me now I’m thinking of adding a new section to this website where I can go into more depth on that front.

To end off, I’m lovin’ summer! This week has boasted the hottest temperatures yet, I think. It is great to finally wear short sleeves indoors!

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