The Grand Finale

On Tuesday the 24th I’m flying off into the sunset. Well, at least in that direction…

I’m heading to BC for my little sister’s graduation. The grand finale of what, 6, 7 years of mental and emotional torture? OK, maybe that is exaggerating a bit, but  they were a challenging 3 years and my dear sis worked like a trooper.

BC is cool. I’m looking forward to hanging out there – seeing Jason and Shannon, second cousins, and other relatives. Oh, and BC has real live mountains too!

Naturally lots of little projects are popping up this week right before I have to leave. I don’t think any of them are too major but I do hope I don’t spend all of Monday frantically tying up loose ends. I should have some internet access out west so I should be able to keep an eye on things from there. Oh, may technology run smoothly in my absence! (Crumb – did I say that out loud…?)

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