BC Was Fun

Normally I’d be at church right now but the good old Teal Squeal seems to have gone on vacation. Or at least the starter… So instead I’ll take this oportunity to let you know I am indeed safely back again in ON. We arrived after midnight, so about 00:40 this morning. The trip was heaps o’ fun! I’m sad it is over – vacation time is nice.

Rachel graduated with great distinction (magna cum laude, if you speak Latin). That means she got this cool little gold rope. Of course I wasn’t surprised. She is pretty clever.

The folks out in BC were really hospitable to us! You guys made our trip so convenient and wonderful – thanks so much! And, as an older borther, I appreciate your looking after my sis during her time out there.

Hopefully I can get the webmaster of this site to post some photos this week.

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