The Logical Choice

I was checking out the newest posts on Christian Anime Alliance and noticed a thread ‘SUPER cheap DVD’s at Right Stuf’. I’d been to Right Stuf before when shopping around for anime but hadn’t bought anything from them. When I checked out the sale “SUPER cheap” was right. I bought Last Exile vols 1, 3, and 4 at 75% discount! (I already have vol 2.) Normally I’m not an impulse buyer, though I suppose this wasn’t really impulse. I mean, I was planning to buy the series eventually anyway so it makes logical sense to purchase the DVDs when they are available for the best price. And it doesn’t get much better than 75% off! I don’t know how long those spanking new DVDs will take to get here but it’ll be great to add a few new volumes to my meager anime collection.

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