A Desktop and a Prodigal Cat

It’s been a busy day and what seemed like a busy week though when I look back I find it hard to point out what exactly made it feel busy… I guess one item was setting up a desktop for Aunt Beth. There are a bunch of old PCs scattered about in the basement (Mom’s patience is surprising — thanks Mom!) I found one that seemed about the best, a Pentium II MMX @ ~ 350MHz with a 6.02 GB HDD. One definitely won’t be playing Far Cry on there but it was the best I had around (better than Mom’s computer, I think). I got it pretty much ready to roll so it can ship out with Grandma and Aunt Beth tomorrow.

We had some concerns about Ard this week. We didn’t see him after 4:00 AM on Wednesday (when Dad let him out). Our neighbours reported seeing him later that day, I believe, but we called and called and by Thursday evening he was still missing. We thought coyotes might have, er, bumped into him but when I called our neighbours they said he’d been around that evening. However, he didn’t turn up here until close to midnight. He looks like he’s feeling rough but hopefully that is just due to excessive partying and nothing serious. We’re beginning to wonder if he likes it better at the neighbours’ — he’s friends with Patches who has a fun barn and across the road he’s got moist cat food. And at home Telum beats up on him. Hmm…

[EDIT: y2007m10d16] Ard is very much on the mend and is nearly back to his good old self. He is quite a bit more affectionate and we hope that will stick with him. Maybe a brush with his own mortality made him appreciated the loved ones in his short life more…?

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