The Past Week

A few things of interest for this past week…

On Tuesday I received a parcel containing the Star Wars: Dark Nest trilogy, which I’d ordered with my Chapters gift card (thanks, Mom!) I’m currently working through the Star Wars books of have (some on loan) in chronological order. I’m actually part way through the Legacy of the Force series and received the latest book, Fury, for Christmas, but I find I get pulled out of the continuing story when I hop to other Star Wars books between the Legacy of the Force releases. Also that series refers to events that occurred in the Dark Nest trilogy so I hope to complete that series to gain better perspective and then finish the Legacy of the Force series back-to-back.

On Thursday we had our Grand Re-Opening of the real estate office at 40A King Ave. E. I put together a slideshow of old photos, and pictures of the burnt building, its demolition, and the construction of the new office. I set it to loop on all the monitors. We had lots of visitors come by, most strangers to me but a few familiar faces. I’m not much of the mingling type and felt more inclined to sit at a computer but I think I still enjoyed it. The food was excellent!

Yesterday I picked up my glasses with new and much improved lenses. The perscription was rather overdue. It is wonderful to see such road signs with such crisp clarity now!

Also on Friday, at our Young People meeting Pete invited us to come skating on their rink which is very nice this year. Some of us did and played a brisk game of hockey until it was nigh unto midnight. I have no illusions that I possess many hockey skills but I still like playing. Good times!

That’s all for now.

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