Knights of the Old Republic II: Sith Lords

Back on December 1 of last year I went out game-hunting. I was hoping to pick up a Half-Life 1 and 2 bundle for cheap so I wandered into Game Power in Bowmanville and inquired. They didn’t have that sort of package so I walked over to the small display of PC games to see if any other titles caught my eye. One did – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: Sith Lords (hence forth referenced as KotOR 2). It was a trade-in so the price was reduced. I originally thought it was an action game but when I installed it and began playing I realized that it was really an RPG. I’ve not played many RPGs, really just Goldrush, SpaceQuest, and Pokemon, and I’d never played anything quite as complicated. Just as I was beginning the second “level” of the game, I invited Rachel to check it out, not really expecting she’d be all the interested. It turned out she was quite interested and consequently we’ve played the rest of the game together. It isn’t a two-player game and I usually controlled the character, but Rachel gave input on where we go, what dialog choices should be made, what items to use, and she kept an eye on the characters’ health in battles. Last night we finally completed the saga.

The game was well done and fun to play though there were a few flaws. One of them is that the ending really doesn’t tie things up very well and the last section of the game feels like it looses some quality. From what I’ve read the developers were rushed to complete the game so that could explain it. Even so I look forward to replaying KorOR 2 again from the start as a different character and different choices to see how my decisions effect the mechanics this time through.

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