Tis the Season

Blessed Christmas to you all!

This really is one of my favourite times of year (perhaps second to Rock Sands Cottage). I’ve been enjoying some days of relative relaxation (at least from regular work). Yesterday afternoon we kicked off the Vogel Christmas gathering. Sadly Mel and Chad were grievously delayed and didn’t make it in time and Chris can’t come until today but it was great to have the other young couples there. The cousins’ White Elephant gift exchange is always good. Often we write some poem to go along with the gift. This year I went for an unrhymed poem. That isn’t really my natural style (I prefer fairly strict rhyme and meter) but it was fun to write something more free. The gift I ended up with had a number of components, several of which I traded after. Of note was an old VHS tape starring Richard Simmons titled Sweatin’ to the Oldies. I can feel the pounds melting away just by reading the back of the case.

Anyway, we’re heading for church shortly after which we’re up to Grandma’s for Christmas dinner (the second one there, actually). This time the other Sissons family and Mom will be there, so that’s cool.

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