Office Outing

I got the day off work, but I still had to be at the office at 9:00. You see, today we had our office Christmas outing. It was a pretty sweet deal, really. Our team has been growing over the last year and we’ve moved around a few times and are now ending the year settled back into the recently rebuilt office on King Ave. Anyway, Masood proposed we do something together.

So this morning a limo came by the office a bit after 9:00 to pick us up and then the eight of headed out to the T-dot. It was my first time riding in a limo and it was quite nice. We all fit in quite well. We arrived at the Eatons Centre at around 11:00 and split up to do shopping. Masood gave a Christmas bonus which I intended to make use of. I had brought along my family’s wish lists and planned on mostly buying gift for them rather than spending too much money on myself. Being a rather inexperienced shopper it took me a while to find the stores I wanted. I ended up buying only two items at only one store. I had a Star Wars book in my hand at Chapters but when I saw the checkout line I returned the book with sorrow. I didn’t figure I’d be able to buy it and still make our lunch regrouping at noon. Bummer… I also wanted to get a watch but never found a store selling “el cheapo” watches.

We ate at Greenjeans. The only down side to my milkshake and grilled BBQ chicken sandwich was that I didn’t have room to finish the fries.

After lunch we walked over to the Canon theater and watched a play there. I’m not a huge play fan and it did have some sketchy parts but it was well done. It contained some humourous pop-culture references along with setting elements from The Matrix.

Then it was back home in the limo. I do enjoy being part of our team. We all get along well and it was fun to be able to spend a day together in a different environment. Thanks, Masood!

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