Words That Healed the Hurt Slightly

Based on Jer. 6:14-20

This song was inspired by a sermon I heard at the Sunday service we attended in La’Mable, during our Rock Sands cottage week. I’ve got chunks of its tune in mind. The music and vocal style would be similar to Project 86 or Pillar – a mixture of singing and shouting with heavy music. (I’ve included notes of some of the dynamics.)

By Chris M. Sissons

[Verse 1:]
Make your request / old paths and true / walk in their way / There find your rest

But no! / [shouted] “Peace, peace” while the shells rain down / turn up the music to drown out the sound / of corruption eroding at all around (all around, all around)

[Verse 2:]
See the watchmen / they cry, they plead / “Doom marches nigh / you must listen!”


[Verse 3:]
[quietly] Thus says the LORD / “Since you reject / My law, therefore / now taste the sword.”


[Bridge: builds from quiet to shouting]
[first voice] Fingers in your ears / [second voice] you’re so unheeding
[first voice] Fingers in your ears / [second voice] to stop the bleeding
[first voice] You’re casting aside / [second voice] the rest you’re needing
[first voice] Stumbling down the path / [second voice] where’s it leading?

[shouted] You are unashamed, apathetic, and proud of it / You are, and I am, apathetic / pathetic

[Verse 1 again: quietly, smoothly, music fading away]

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