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Artwork - Photomanipulations
Comment on this (0 so far) y2009m03d27 - I'm currently replaying Half-Life 2 so I'm into the whole Freeman thing. Yesterday when I was walking in Bowmanville I saw this graffiti with two gamma logo sprays so I had to snap a few photos. Aside from the fact that this is vandalism it is totally awesome! I added in the crowbar to give it a little more nostalgia.
Comment on this (0 so far) y2008m08d18 - Another fun lightsabre edit.  
Comment on this (0 so far) y2008m08d18 - Mark with his marshmallow toaster.  
Comment on this (0 so far) y2008m08d17 - I forgot my Jedi robe back at home, but I could still muster some Force lightning at Rock Sands Cottage. I used this GIMP lightning tutorial to create the effect.
Comment on this (0 so far) y2008m08d17 - This photo was taken from Rock Sands Cottage. I added effects to create a shining glow around the sun-lit edges of the clouds, to increase the contrast a bit, and to make the colour more vibrant.  
Comment on this (0 so far) y2007m10d23 - Occasionally during the warmer part of the years Pete and I have gone mountain biking on all kinds of trails a bit north of here. There is one narrow straight trail that cuts between tall trees on either side. Since the first time I was there I've thought it would make a good photo manipulation. Finally on the past Sunday I took a camera along. The weather was awesome and I took a bunch of photos along our ride. Finally we arrived at this particular place and I stopped to get a few shots. I chose this one to alter. The feel is partly inspired by The Fellowship of the Ring where Frodo says "Get off the road!" and partly by The Ring (no coincidence intended). The colouring and contrast as slightly adjusted, and I added extra blue hazy. The figure is an altered version of the girl from F.E.A.R.  
Comment on this (0 so far) y2007m06d23 - I took this of the Mostert's barn at the 2007 Mostert summer picknick. The contrast is heavily increased.  
Comment on this (2 so far) y2007m05d22 - I got some interesting photos of fireworks and sparklers when Pete invited me over to his place one evening. This particular photo-manip is a negative of someone swirling a sparkler (perhaps Aunt Dorothy?). I wanted some text so I added that (and the black blurring around it) to the bottom left.  
Comment on this (0 so far) y2007m02d22 - This photo is of the front yard, taken from the living room, on a snowy day. I increased the contrast to bring out the tree more. 
Comment on this (0 so far) y2006m11d23 - As a Christmas gift for Mom I made a collage from photos of Ard. I got it framed (~ 10 x 8"). It was lots of fun to make - choosing the cutest and more memorable photos of Ard's life.  
Comment on this (2 so far) y2006m04d18 - This was a manip of a photo I took of a tangled web of branches. The original had blue skies but I wanted a more bleary, grim look. I've always loved tree branches, roots, veins, and the like for their interesting network structure. 
Comment on this (0 so far) y2006m04d10 - When some of us cousins have made music videos from Relient K's songs, the joking name for our group was "We Rely on K". We got this sweet photo from a few years back at the cottage and I thought it would be perfect for a CD cover. Hence... 
Comment on this (0 so far) y2005m11d07 - Darth
I've wanted to do a photomanipulation wallpaper using my car, "Darth", pretty much since I bought it. Several weeks back I took a bunch of fall photos and upon reviewing them decided to use two of them for such a wallpaper. The bottom half of the image (car and road) is from one photo and the top section (tree and horizon) is from another. I quite like how it turned out! One thing I don't like is that the quality is poor because the photos were blown up and weren't too sharp to begin with... Produced with The GIMP. 
Comment on this (0 so far) y2004m12d09 - I had a sudden hankering to whip up a quick wallpaper of New Breed, one of the hip hop artists in my collection. I scanned in the photos from their "Nine" CD jacket and used them along with colour photos on the Tunnel Rats website ( to create a lo-fi collage. I scrambled a few photos to produce some "litter" around the top right and bottom left. All the text was my addition. "Live the Nine" comes from their CD "Nine" which speaks of each of the fruits of the Spirit. (BTW, I like how the Newsprint effect turned out on the large faces. I'd been itching to use that somewhere!) 
Comment on this (0 so far) y2004m07d24 - I'm forever thinking of names for bands, album titles, and CD covers. I was taking some digital photos around the house one day and when I was reviewing them and saw this one my mind said "CD cover!" The name "Satellite Parallel" speaks of the fact that our lives should orbit our Lord, and also that like the moon we are to reflect God to the world. 
Comment on this (0 so far) y2004m06d07 - Ever since I heard of the vegetable "bokchoy" I've been quite tickled with the name. It just rolls off one's tongue so nicely... Anyway, I use bokchoy_the_toquehead for one of my email accounts so I decided to create a wallpaper depicting Bokchoy the Toquehead. 
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