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Music Thoughts

Music is something I find rather cool. There are just so many different styles - something for everyone and something for every occation. I enjoy a wide variety of genres of music and I can appreciate good music of genres I don't care for a much also. I do have a small collection of music myself and I figured I'd list it here.

My exposure to new artists comes almost entirely by means of the Web, such as sites that list artists, Internet radio, or forum threads on music. Once I find an artist that looks interesting I look for LEGAL sample songs to download. I like to get a few of them even if they are 45 second clips so I won't base my judgement on just one song. Some artists' websites have their lyrics available on them. Otherwise if the artist is well-known the lyrics can often be found on the Web by searching lyrics websites.

There are a few criteria I have in choosing music that I'd consider buying. Now I wouldn't say every track of each of my CDs conforms perfectly to these criteria, but they are what I look for when making a purchase.
  • Style
    I am rather picky about an artist's style. Certain songs can have great music and solid lyrics but if the vocalist's voice has the wrong edge or warble I just won't enjoy those songs. Another concern is the respect the vocalist shows in songs that speak of God. The lyrics can be bold in speaking about God but if the words are expressed in a careless or harsh way, they show a deficiency in due honour for God. This is a really problem in the hip hop and rap genres I believe.

  • Lyrics
    Lyrics ought to be sound when they touch on doctrine, and any reference to God or things holy should be made with respectful wording. The songs should be blatent enough about God that you can tell the artist isn't just singing about his girlfriend. I like lyrics that motivate me and make me think. Well light lyrics are OK I enjoy content that gets deeper too, like a call to grow in a specific area of our Christian walk or a description of one of God's attributes. I have no problem with the some silly songs on an album, but to a point of course.

  • Music
    I enjoy a wide variety of musical genres and can appreciate quality music even from genres I don't personally care for. I don't have a problem with any kind of music so long as it suits the content of the song. Heavy metal just doesn't fit with certain subject matter, just as classical doesn't fit with other kinds of lyrics. I appreciate artists that have some variety in the music on their CDs, so that each song doesn't sound the same.

Just a further note on an artist's website - you can often learn a lot about an artist's focus from the website. Websites that heavily push tour dates and merchandise make me think twice. Websites that offer a short devotional or Bible-verse-of-the-day sway me towards that artist. If an artist's bio speaks lots about the artist's ability and awards I am less impressed than if it talks about the artist's desire to spread the Word and use the artist's talent for God's glory.
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