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My Music Collection

I am quite a music fan - music is good stuff. I listen to music a fair bit while I work at home or when I'm doing stuff that doesn't require heavy thinking. I don't listen to FM radio much at all, though I do sometimes listen to Internet radio (see Links). I have a decent collection of CDs (IMHO) and quite a number of MP3s, mostly downloaded samples from artist's websites and, more recently, purchased iTunes. I've listed the CDs I own on this page. Music is meant to be heard and so I'm open to requests from responsible people to borrow from my collection. A few rules do apply:
  1. NO COPYING! Why not? Well, it's simple and it's called "stealing".
  2. You break it, you bought it. Ya, and handle with care.
  3. Don't pass a CD on to someone else without checking with me first. Otherwise it can get lost too quickly.
So if you're intested in borrowing and agree to the rules, gimme a shout at from the Contact Me page. I would recommend most of the CDs I have, though there are a few songs here and there that might not match as much as I'd like with the points mentioned in my music thoughts. OK, on to my collection:

  • The Orange County Supertones
    • The Adventures of the Orange County Supertones
    • Supertones Strike Back
    • Chase the Sun
    • Loud and Clear
    • Hi-Fi Revival
    • Revenge of the O.C. Supertones
  • Relient K
    • (Self Titled)
    • The Anatomy of Tongue in Cheek
    • Two Lefts Don't Make a Right... But Three Do
    • MMHMM
    • Five Score and Seven Years Ago
    • Let It Snow Baby... Let It Reindeer
  • Pillar
    • Above
    • Fireproof
    • Broken Down: The EP
    • Where Do We Go from Here
  • Kutless
    • (Self Titled)
    • Sea of Faces
  • Justified: The Beauty of the Unknown
  • BarlowGirl
    • Another Journal Entry
    • How Can We Be Silent
  • Fireflight
    • The Healing of Harms
    • Unbreakable
  • KJ-52
    • It's Pronounced Five-Two
    • Behind the Musik
  • New Breed: Nine
  • John Reuben:
    • Are We There Yet?
    • Professional Rapper
  • John Reuben: Are We There Yet?
  • Bleach:
    • (Self Titled)
    • Again, for the First Time
    • Astronomy
  • Tree63: The Answer to the Question
  • dc Talk: Jesus Freak
  • Skillet: Invincible
  • Becoming the Archetype:
    • The Physics of Fire
    • Dichotomy
  • Demon Hunter: The Triptych
  • Project 86: Picket Fence Cartel
  • ZOEgirl: Mix of Life
  • Sonicflood
    • (Self Titled)
    • Resonate
  • Petra: Revival
  • Everybodyduck: (Self Titled)
  • Itzhak Perlman: Rhapsody
  • Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Mark O'Connor: Appalachian Journey

You still reading? Then here's an Easter Egg...
I've created a music video for Breakdown in 3/4 by Project 86. It was the first iTune I bought. You can download the video here:

Breakdown in 34 - 1.5Mbps.wmv (53.4 MB)
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