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Letter Jumbler

I once read a little article about the idea that people read words they know as a whole. We see the letters in the word (it seems particularily the first and last letters) and our brain says "Hey, I know a word that contains all those letter!" So it does't really spell out the word character by character in order to figure it out. Anyway, the article demonstrated this concept by the fact each word of it was scrambled so that while the first and last letters were the same the rest of the word was mixed up. For example:

Hree is a cofnuesd and jlmubed bucnh of wtinrig. Does your biarn selpl it out cetlmoeply or undetsnard the wrods as wohle becunhs?

Anyway, I made a little program that will do the above jumbling automatically. Just enter the text you want scrambled into the Input box below. Then click the Scramble Letters button at the bottom. The altered text will show up in the Output box. Tip - try copying and pasting text from an email or webpage instead of typing a bunch yourself.
Enter the text you want jumbled here.

After you click Scramble Letters the jumbled text will be shown here.

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