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The Orange County Supertones -

These guys are probably my favourite band. They have really come along way since their first album. Their style started with ska but it's changed somewhat through their various albums with the fifth studio record (Revenge of the O.C. Supertones) returning somewhat to their roots. The Supertones have never pulled punches when it comes to speaking of their faith. Every song is directly about God and our relationship to Him in our day to day walk. Personally I think they've got the most solid lyrical content of any of the artists in the heavier genres (and many of the lighter genres too).
  • The Adventures of the O.C. Supertones
    Favourite track(s): He Will Always Be There (#7)
  • Supertones Strike Back
    Favourite track(s): Shut up and Play (#8) and Resolution (#3) and Supertones Strike Back (#1)
  • Chase the Sun
    Favourite track(s): Grounded (#6, I like the Supertones' call to know why we believe what we do)
  • Loud and Clear
    This is probably my favourite Supertones CD and perhaps my favourite CD ever. It's got bold, challenging lyrics and powerful music.
    Favourite track(s): Return of the Revolution (#5, probably my favourite song ever)
  • Hi-Fi Revival
    Favourite track(s): Let It Go (#6)
  • The Revenge of the O.C. Supertones
    Favourite track(s): Cult of Cool (#10) and Prince of Peace (#6)

Relient K -

A fun and energetic band that looks like it has a great time playing punk/pop. These guys are a talented bunch! A good mixture of cleverly woven serious and silly lyrics, excellent vocals, and rocking music that isn't too light or too heavy. Their later albums introduce piano into the mix (courtesy of Matt T.) and also feature some vocals that are slighty more raw than the smoother sounds of old.
  • (Self titled)
    Favourite track(s): Softer to Me (#6)
  • The Anatomy of Tongue in Cheek
    Favourite track(s): Pressing On (#2, the coolest punk track!) and For the Moments I Feel Faint (#8)
  • Two Left's Don't Make a Right... But Three Do
    Favourite track(s): Forward Motion (#4) and Trademark (#7)
  • Deck the Halls, Bruise Your Hand
    Favourite track(s): 12 Days of Christmas (#3) and I Celebrate the Day (#5)
    Favourite track(s): Be My Escape (#2) and More Than Useless (#7)

Pillar -

Pillar has a darker and grimmer edge to it than some of my other music. Pillar's lyrics are hard-hitting and serious. Unfortunately they seem to being getting more vague with time. Their first CD's lyrics are decidedly more blatent than those of their third CD. Hopefully this isn't a growing trend... Some of the hard rock artists allow the forceful music to drown the lyrics (or scream/growl them in such a way they are unintelligable), but I think Pillar achieves a pretty good balance that lets the listener understand most of the words without having to pull out the CD booklet. Rob does give the occational extended hollar for emphasis but it is not overdone IMHO.
  • Above
    Favourite track(s): All Day Every Day (#13)
  • Fireproof
    Favourite track(s): Fireproof (#1, a good rock anthem) and Indivisible (#10)
  • Where Do We Go From Here
    Favourite track(s): Frontline (#7) and Simply (#5)
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